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American Board ofKetamine Physicians



About ABKP

The American Board of Ketamine Physicians is the official world database of certified Ketamine doctors, as well as medical literature regarding Ketamine research.

Our Mission and Vision

ABKP Mission Statement

The mission of the American Board of Ketamine Physicians® (ABKP) is to advance the highest standards for the use of Ketamine in the practice of medicine. As a certifying body for Ketamine physicians, the ABKP is committed to partnering with physicians to advance lifelong learning and exceptional patient care. The Board administers certification exams as well as a maintenance of certification program, which is designed to promote lifelong learning, a commitment to quality clinical outcomes and patient safety. The ABKP is a nonprofit organization. Our vision is to advance the treatment of mental and physical well being through the use of Ketamine.

ABKP Board of Directors

ABKP is officially open for membership


Basics of Administration

All member physicians abide by the tenets of evidence based practice, honesty, and safety when administering Ketamine for any medical condition.