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What is ABKP certification?

ABKP certification demonstrates that a physician is meeting the highest standards of their practice in administering Ketamine to patients. It is a voluntary process that involves rigorous assessments of physicians’ knowledge and skills. Unlike medical licensure, which is required and sets the minimum competency requirements to diagnose and treat patients, certification is a mark of distinction. Physicians, healthcare institutions, insurers and quality organizations look for board certification as a measure of a physician’s ability to provide quality healthcare within a given specialty.

Is your doctor ABKP certified? Visit our Directory to determine if your doctor is certified.

Questions you should ask your Ketamine clinic or provider:

  • Is the doctor in the office during the entire duration of my infusion?
  • How many years of experience do you have administering Ketamine for the condition I am here to treat?
  • Are you Board-Certified in your specialty?
  • Has your license ever been revoked or suspended? Please refer to your state’s Medical Board website to look up a doctor. For California, please click here:
  • Are you accessible after hours and on weekends should I feel dysphoria or have a bad reaction?
  • Do you have all emergency medications and devices including epinephrine, albuterol, benadryl, vasopressin, labetalol, reglan, zofran, a defibrillator, intubation tray and ambu bag?
  • Are you ACLS ( Advanced Cardiac Life Support ) certified?
  • Are your treatments 50 min long or longer?
  • Do you give more than 0.5 mg per kg of Ketamine in case I need a higher dosage?
  • Do you have the anti-headache medication Toradol?
  • Is Zofran the only anti-nausea medication you have?
  • Am I monitored during the infusion with a pulse oximeter to measure oxygen saturation and heart rate?
  • Do you prescribe at home ketamine?
  • Do you have any restrictions on marijuana or benadryl use before a ketamine infusion?

ABKP is officially open for membership